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The Basics of Email Marketing

Emails have been a part of our daily routine for so many years now. Whether you are a student, someone who works full-time, or barely an employee because you are still an applicant, chances are, you have been required to use an electronic mail or Email.

Email Marketing focuses on utilizing the audience or market in the email space. Whichever website you visit on the web, you mostly end up needing an email or email address to proceed.

What is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is one of the online marketing strategies that remain to be a preferred way of communication between companies and their customers. Despite the rise of social media marketing and its platforms in this digital era, many still use emails on a daily basis.

Because of these it has been around and would seem to stick around indefinitely. Any marketing company should know this.

Largely what makes this the case is the fact that pretty much anyone has to have an email. Email allows us to be connected with someone wherever he or she may be. Back in the day were our only means of communication other than phone calls are through snail mails which can sadly take ages.

Emails are the digital era’s solution to this. Where one can transmit a message on a computer through the internet, and all the way to the recipient. The response and on-going messages that it precedes can be made within the initiated email in which it is called an email thread or simply a thread.

Email’s convenience is just the tip of the iceberg of what it has to offer. And it’s hard not to talk about web marketing without it. We rely on emails for a much more personal or professional approach.

Multiple messages can be sent, attachments whether it would be images, files, videos, or even links, and ones that are dynamic called dynamic emails are just some of its benefits that no other kind of marketing model can offer.

And what’s superior about emails is that it can remain in an inbox indefinitely, provided that your email is compelling and worth keeping for possible future use.

Where to start?

You have now decided to get started. But where do you begin? It’s not like you can immediately start things off by just coming up with an email content right away.

If you are focusing on Email Marketing, there’s no other way to best start things with but to build your email list. Email list or Electronic Mailing list is similar in concept to a yellow page. They are typically tied with different organizations so you usually end up working on the same group of consumers which would make this a lot easier.

It is important to collect as many recipients as possible. You have to keep in mind that the more relevant your brand is to the target, the better your chance of getting a conversion.

A way to build your list can be done through the use of some email services that specifically cater to email marketers. While naturally, a business owner can always encourage new users or in most cases page visitors to sign up for a newsletter to also increase their email list.

Another way to also increase your email list is through a method called a lead magnet. It is sort of like a bribe that would allow you to get their email address in exchange for something for free. Popular examples of a lead magnet are free trials, coupons, polls, and quizzes.

Once you have completed building your email list big enough, you can start working on sending a more personalized email that is much relevant to a specific recipient rather than blasting a single email to everyone on your list. This process is called Email List Segmentation.

Segmentation allows for a higher open rate as well as click-through rates. Meaning, recipients or people are more likely to open your email and the links on it because it is an email that is specifically tailored for them.

Email Segmentation can also go as far as separating people that are active to those who are inactive, new subscribers to those who are a long-time one, and more.

Email Marketing Tips

At this point, you have learned the simple know-how of Email Marketing and why digital marketing agencies find this essential. Now it is time for you to get on board with some helpful tips to fully prepare you in successfully utilizing this online marketing method.

  • Always track your email list

Not everyone on your email list will be active as you would expect them to be. If you do not keep up with them, it will be your end result. Sometimes, it’s really unavoidable. In such cases, it is important to keep track of active subscribers and put your focus on them. Consider removing inactive ones to make room for a fresh new list.

  • Timing is everything

Like in pretty much anything else, proper timing is quintessential. You would not want to send out emails late for a promotion that’s nearly over. Or send out emails about going out for a concert tour when there’s a mass lockdown.

  • Avoid becoming a spam

One major problem you would encounter as an email marketer is for the emails you send out being constantly tagged as spam. There are ways to combat this and one is by keeping your email template straightforward and neat. Make sure that you are also using a verified domain and not that would appear fishy.

  • Make your subject stand out

Another way to avoid having your mails as spam is to ensure that your email’s subject is eye-catching. But not in a form that it’s already like a clickbait on the surface. It can be a summary of the entire email and you can inject some humor if necessary.

  • Personalize it

Think of it as if you are writing to a friend. A much more personal approach can definitely make a difference. It eliminates the feeling of a computer-generated message.