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Things to Consider and Avoid: The Dos and Don’ts of Email Marketing Campaigns

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In some cases, with email marketing, there are things that you should consider (do’s) and avoid (don’ts). Instead of shooting randomly, why not follow a guide that will walk you through the dos and don’ts so you can be as successful as possible? 

This complete guide from the best digital marketing agency empowers you to make engaging email marketing campaigns. You can learn about how to write effective content, design eye-catching subject lines, and send personalized messages to your audience more effectively. 

In this article, we underline the importance of maintaining a clean email list with opted-in subscribers, protecting their privacy, and complying with legal requirements.

By following these practices, you will have the information and expertise needed to improve your email marketing campaigns, increase open rates and clicks, and build positive business outcomes.

The Do’s of Email Marketing: Things You Need to Follow 

Create a Permission-Driven Email List and Personalized Emails

The secret ingredient of successful email marketing lies in creating a list of people who truly want to hear from you. By collecting permission (opt-in) before sending the message, you ensure your messages reach engaged and interested audiences. 

Personalization is another key ingredient. You can create an inviting and relevant experience by addressing people by name and tailoring your content. These touches make your emails more noticeable and engaging, which may lead to greater interactions and conversions. 

Do Effective Subject Lines and Segment Your Email List

If you’re curious, why do some emails get overlooked while others grab your attention? It all starts with the subject line. These brief words are your chance to make a good first impression and convince someone to open your email. An effective subject line is concise, and informative, hints at the content inside, and sparks curiosity. 

Emails should be personalized to effectively connect with your recipients. Consider segmenting your list into smaller groups based on characteristics. By sending personalized emails that resonate with each group, you can increase engagement and encourage more responses. 

Do Quality Content and Clear Call-to-Actions

The key factor in successful email marketing is providing quality content to your subscribers. Avoid overwhelming your subscribers with constant sales promotions. Instead, offer them valuable content (e.g., informative articles, interesting insights, or exclusive deals). This approach builds credibility and makes them look forward to your emails.

Moreover, every email should also have a clear call to action (CTA). Tell your readers exactly what you want them to do, whether it’s buying a product or attending an event. Make the CTA more noticeable and clear, which will motivate your readers to take the desired action. An engaging CTA serves as a friendly nudge, encouraging your audience to engage with and respond to your message. 

Remember, the best email marketers never stop learning. By testing different parts of your emails, like call-to-actions, subject lines, content, and even sending times, you can see what works best and may improve your campaigns more consistently. 

This way, you’ll get more out of your emails and keep your subscribers interested. 

The Don’ts of Email Marketing: Things You Need to Avoid

Avoid Buying Email Lists and Sending It with No Permission

Don’t waste your time or risk trouble with outdated email lists. Avoid buying email contacts, as they are unlikely to be interested and can get you flagged as spam. Instead, build your list naturally through sign-ups and obtaining email addresses with consent. 

Also, don’t send emails to people who haven’t explicitly requested them. This practice is not only annoying but also illegal in many places and damages your email sender’s reputation. Always seek permission before sending any marketing emails. 

Avoid Bombarding Your Subscribers and Overlooking Your Email Design 

Overdoing emails can have negative effects. It’s important to find a balance between staying relevant and overwhelming your audience. Understanding your audience’s preferences and how often they engage with your emails is crucial for finding the right frequency. 

Moreover, the quality of your presentation matters. Sloppy emails can hurt your brand image and weaken your campaigns. Dedicate some time to creating visually appealing emails and upholding a professional standard. Use pre-designed templates to guarantee that your emails are both attractive and aligned with your brand identity. 

Avoid Sending Unsolicited Emails and Creating Spammy Lines

As a marketer, you should avoid sending unsolicited emails (spam), as it is useless and illegal. Spam emails can harm the image of your business and result in complaints that could lead to legal action. Before sending any marketing emails, ensure that you have the recipient’s consent.

To prevent your emails from being marked as spam, it’s crucial to create subject lines that are attention-grabbing and truthful. Avoid using misleading statements, generic salutations, and excessive punctuation. Instead, clearly describe the content of your email and try to grab the recipient’s attention.

By being truthful, you’ll increase the chances that your emails will be opened and read. 


Email marketing offers an excellent method to generate leads by delivering personalized and relevant messages. Successful email campaigns often leverage different channels and integrate with wider marketing strategies. To ensure the efficiency of your email marketing, marketers must use the appropriate tools for managing their email systems so that everything runs seamlessly. 

We hope that this advice will allow you to follow what is appropriate and what should be avoided. The best digital marketing agency always does what is acceptable and offers advice on how to get the most from your email marketing campaign. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it fine to buy email lists?

No, we don’t recommend you buy email lists. These contacts are unlikely to be interested and will mark your email as spam. 

How often should I email my subscribers? 

You should determine the right balance for sending emails that keep your audience interested without bombarding them with excessive information. Monitor their engagement patterns to gauge the appropriate time for email distributions. 

Why should I segment my email list? 

This practice allows you to send personalized emails that resonate with particular subscriber groups, leading to higher engagement. 

What kind of content should I include in my emails? 

You should provide valuable content like informative articles or exclusive deals, not just constant sales promotions.